Timelapse sculpting in Zbrush
Zbrush Turntable movie of finished pieces
Test Printing the King on a Makerbot.  (Timelapse movie by Jason Foreman)
Shoot day in Chicago. 
Chess board signed by the actors from Empire, Taraji  P. Henson and Terrence Howard (he signed his name backwards)
Godzilla in context. Yuge.
Vertical print piece
Final Motion Piece

3d Printed Custom Chess Set Design
I was asked to design a custom  chess set that would represent themes from the world of Lucious and Cookie Lyon.  This chess set would end up being used as a prop for a shoot and also as a digital double if needed during compositing. The final piece was to play on a very large screen called Godzilla in Times Square.  
The design brief included lions, gold records, a microphone and the New York skyline.  Jesse, the director, did not want it to look like a traditional chess set.  
It was the first time I had made anything to be 3d printed before and there was a quick turnaround time.  I used Cinema 4d to model and Zbrush to sculpt and decimate for printing.  We  did some test prints on our in-house 3d printer, but ended up sending them to a vendor  due to the amount of printing to be done - all 32 pieces.  After receiving the printed pieces,  they took a  trip across the Fox lot to the paint department, where they were painted  gold and black. 
The chess set was used in some additional photography which was used for billboards and online.   A smaller replica chess set was mass reproduced from the 3d print files and used as promotional gifts.
VP of Design:  Ian MacRitchie
Concept and Art Direction: Jesse Hallas
3d modeling, sculpting and previz: Ramona Clarke
Animation: Dan Pierse
Additional 3d modeling and previz: Brian Kim
Produced at FOX

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