The Masked Singer on FOX
3d Character Sculpts, Promo Design Refresh

Here are some digital assets I created based on the costumes worn by contestants in The Masked Singer.  These are used to support the promo packaging designed by Dan Pierse. For Season 3 I took Dan's design and gave a refresh to the 3d models, color palette and typography.

Design Director: Dan Pierse
The Masked Singer Promo Design Package: Dan Pierse
3d Models and Season 3 Design/Animation Refresh: Ramona Clarke
VP Design FOX Entertainment: Ian MacRitchie
Produced at FOX Entertainment

Zbrush clay renders and photographic reference material of models from Season 1-3
Season 3 updated models in context.  Subtle refresh of palette, type and animation of original design created by Dan Pierse.

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